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„Made In Czech Republic“



I am convinced that future of design lays more in accomplishing better life than increasing the sales. Design is no longer connected just with shaping industrial products. In the course of time it inherently involves other disciplines – graphic design, webdesign, packaging design, corporate identity and branding, digital and fyzical product campaigns.


Creative field is my bread and butter since the year of 2003 and one by one, I had experienced all kinds of roles from a Junior ArtDirector up to direction of a creative team in advertising agency. This long term practice has rewarded me with the realization of what kind of work I enjoy doing the best and brings me the highest fulfillment.


The most of all, I focus on interconnecting the online and the real world. I always try to find something to add, something that gives the project an extra point. I like simplicity, refinement, functionality, interactivity and minimalistic approach.






I could launch out with Jakub – I wasn’t scared of not being able to get through even complicated assignment and understand what exactly the client or I need to achieve. He has got a complete experience in creative postproduction and 3D modelling. I like to work with him, he’s got the drive.

Lukas Otevrel (Reklamni Klinika agency owner)


„I was privileged to cooperate with Jakub on 3 projects, out of which one involving 3D visualization, the other two graphic design and corporate identity. My appreciation goes to highly-developed 3D visualization in particular, because in this field of activity Jakub stands out as a true professional and real expert. Regarding 2D, I value his excellent ideas and overall graphic rendition.“

Jakub Smakal (photographer)


„About Jakub Stedina, I appreciate his creativity and accuracy he puts into his projects. We cooperated in fields of 2D and 3D graphics. Above all 3D graphic art is Jakub’s real domain.“

Tomas Stanek (PR manager and Allmedia4you company owner)




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